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Area Manager

Date Posted: 09/06/2013
Location: P & A Industries, Inc., Findlay, Ohio
Position Description: Area Manager

Under the supervision of the Production Manager, is responsible for aiding team members through training, coaching, and assisting them in achieving their job duties. This includes encouraging and ensuring that team members work safely, while producing quality parts at a minimum cost. Also, respond to needs of those who depend on me as a leader, trainer, and direct link to helping change take place.


Ensure that team members work safely, produce quality parts, meet production goals, and
problem solve on the shop floor. Prevent the reoccurrence of making non-conforming parts by generating ideas to either detect or eliminate.

3. Audit the team's performance.

4. Coordinate the manufacturing activity.

5. Set up procedures for the implementation of process control.

6. Assist with cross-training team members to create multi-functional employees.

7. Teach, train, coach, and assist team members and has authority to discipline as needed.

8. Assist in scheduling overtime and die set.

9. Gather and analyze MOS information.

10. Prepare daily and weekly production needs report.

11. Assist in LTA activities that will reduce cost or increase performance that the area manager

will oversee and help implement.

12. Schedule shift production and overlook time cards.

13. Attend production, safety, quality, and current event meetings.

14. Maintains established employee relations policies and safety and health regulations.

15. Empowered to demand that others maintain the quality standards set by the quality

department and can order a job to cease running if quality is in question.

16. Authority to demand employees to meet housekeeping standards at the plant level.

17. Performs other essential functions as assigned.
Compensation/Benefits: P & A Industries, offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.
Qualifications/Skills: Training and experience: Prefer high school diploma, technical background or the equivalent. Need at least one year experience on the floor, good supervisory skills, and need to be cross-trained and know all jobs well. SPECIAL SKILLS: Computer skills, good verbal and written communication skills. MAJOR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Area Manager must be able to stand on the concrete floor for the duration of work shift, walk, talk, push, pull, reach overhead, bend to the floor and use arms and hands. Will exert up to 25 pounds of force frequently, and 50 pounds of force occasionally. Visual precision is needed for visually inspecting parts for quality at production equipment speed, and for reading documents, machine gauges, and precision measuring instruments. WORKING CONDITIONS: Normal factory environment. Employees will be subject to hazards such as loud noise from operating machines, physical hazards from operating or moving equipment, and breathing of fumes and dust. Area Managers may be hired to work in a specific area, however, all area managers are expected to be able to work in all production areas in order to promote productivity, quality & safety.
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Midway Products Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and abides by the spirit and practice of Equal Opportunity in the hiring, promotion, training and compensation of qualified individuals regardless or race, creed, color, age, sex, disability or national origin.

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